At COFS, we use only the best products and equipment specifically designed for commercial carpets and applications. We clean carpets using the latest in encapsulation technology. The products used for carpet cleaning are nontoxic, biodegradable and fast drying to give you the fastest, cleanest carpets possible.

Our detergents are loaded with encapsulation polymer. Good polymerization is critical to the performance of an encapsulation detergent. Carpets we clean stay cleaner longer, dry faster, and don't have the risk of damaging or recoiling of traditional methods.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful cleaning properties.
  • Soil resistant properties keep the carpet looking cleaner up to 50% longer than traditional methods.
  • Recurring spill stains can be eliminated.
  • Low moisture method puts carpets back into use quickly.
  • High production rates allow cleaning of large areas of carpet quickly.
  • Carpets stay clean and bright looking day-in and day-out.
  • Extends the carpet's useful life.